Racism: Global Perspectives, Coping Strategies & Social Implications

Tracey Lowell

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Nova Science Publishers Inc

Published: 01-12-2014


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Racism and racial prejudice, considered a relic of obsolete and outdated social systems, is re-emerging in the depths of ultra-modern Western societies with different characteristics from the past but with a surprising and worrying virulence. Forms of old racial prejudice, such as anti-Semitism, reappear in unexpected forms, presenting new and unpredicted characteristics, whereas anti-Islamism seems to challenge, by diffusion, transversality and essentiality, the worst historical anti-Semitic exhibitions. These waves of prejudice and racism that follow one after the other at the dawn of the twenty-first century testify to the many fears that fill the horizons of advanced societies, undermining not only their internal reliability, but also just their democratic settings. This book discusses the global perspectives, the coping strategies and social implications of racism.

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