Queen of the Birds, The

Karine Polwart, Kate Leiper

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Birlinn General

Published: 14th Oct '21


An exquisite retelling of a well-known traditional tale by one of Scotland’s most well-known songwriters and storytellers and illustrated by an artist renowned for her paintings of animals – both real and mythical.

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After a terrible storm, the Kingdom of Birds is looking for a leader. Will it be the bird with the loveliest song, or the brightest plumage? The fastest in the air, or underwater? The bird who flies highest, or those who stick together and work as a team? All across the sky, birds are flocking together. Nightingales and robins, barn owls and blackbirds. The eagle, the flamingo, the birds of the moor. Curlews and cuckoos and herons and hoopoes. And Wee Jenny Wren. Let the contest begin!

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Dimensions 5 × 260 × 225 mm
Page Count 32