Privacy Engineering

Nishant Bhajaria

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Manning Publications

Published: 9th Mar '22


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PrivacyEngineering is a hands-on guide to building a modern and flexible privacy program for your organization. It helps map essential legal requirements into practical engineering techniques that you can implement right away. The book develops your strategic understanding of data governance and helps you navigate the tricky trade-offs between privacy and business needs. You’ll learn to spot risks in your own data management systems and prepare to satisfy both internal and external privacy audits. There’s no bureaucratic new processes or expensive new software necessary. You’ll learn how to repurpose the data and security tools you already use to achieve your privacy goals. Preserving the privacy of your users is essential for any successful business. Well-designed processes and data governance ensure that privacy is built into your systems from the ground up, keeping your users safe and helping your organization maintain compliance with the law.

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