Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry

Jason Schreier

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Brown & Company, Grand Central Publishing, Little

Due to be published: 10th Jun '21

Pre-order - This paperback / softback title is not yet published, due 10th Jun '21


From the author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels comes the next big book on gaming culture: how some of the biggest videogame studios of the decade failed their employees, destroyed their work culture, and what happens next.

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The natural continuation of Jason Schreier’s bestselling book, PRESS RESET examines the volatility of the video game industry and the resilience of the people who work in it. The business of videogames is both a prestige industry and a very opaque one. Based on dozens of firsthand interviews and covering the development of landmark games including Bioshock: Infinite, Epic Mickey, Dead Space, and more, and through the studios’ shocking closures, this book will tell the stories of how real people are affected by game studio shutdowns — and how and if they recover.Jason Schreier has made a name for himself as gaming’s preeminent investigative journalist. In PRESS RESET, through countless of insider interviews that cover hostile takeovers, abusive bosses, corporate drama, bounced checks, and that one time the Boston Red Sox’s Curt Schilling decided he was going to lead a game studio that would take out World of Warcraft, Schreier covers not only why video games are so hard to make, he explores why it’s so hard to make a living making games in the first place.

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Page Count 320