Pocket Coach: The Positivity Coach, A

Gill Thackray

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd

Published: 31-12-2020


A practical and engaging guide to positivity filled techniques and exercises to help the reader learn how to cultivate a more positive outlook and increase their resilience.

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Learn the fundamentals of positivity and the benefits of introducing it into your life with A Pocket Coach: The Positivity Coach. In this book, Gill Thackray provides fascinating detail on what happens to your brain when you have a more positive outlook, and how you can harness the effects for yourself.From friendships to self-confidence and from relationships to compassion, this engaging and insightful book proves that being positive is more than just having a happy outlook, it is a way of living your life that will allow you to flourish and engage with the world around you.Each chapter has practical exercises and further reading to enable the reader to fully integrate positive attitudes into their everyday life.

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Dimensions 17 × 111 × 165 mm
Page Count 128