Pink Book, The

Kaye Blegvad

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Published: 01-10-2019


From pink Cadillacs to fairy floss, bubblegum to battleships, this beautiful exploration of one of our most popular and polarising colours is full of surprising facts and observations for all sorts of curious minds.

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What do we think of when we think pink? In this richly illustrated homage to the color, artist Kaye Blegvad explores its significance across history and cultures, from gender connotations to product marketing, symbols and iconography, and more. Through engaging mini essays, interactive exercises, object studies, and interviews, readers will learn about a vibrant miscellany of pink facts and pink occurrences: like iconic applications of the color, from Elvis’s cars to cotton candy; or the etymology of phrases like “tickled pink,” “pink slip,” or “rose-tinted glasses.” Presented in an eye-catching pink package with vibrant page edges, this collection will captivate those with a passion for pink and anyone with a curiosity about color.

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Dimensions 152 × 203 mm
Page Count 200