PIG: Tales from an Organic Farm

Helen Browning, Tim Finney

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

Published: 13th Jun '19


An evocative and illuminating account of the wonder of pigs, from one of the pioneers of the organic farming movement. A perfect read for fans of The Secret Life of Cows and A Shepherd’s Life.

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What is it about the humble pig that holds such a special place in our hearts?In a frosty field on the longest night of the year, eight little piglets snuffle their first breaths, and jostle close to their mother to feed…So begins the life of the farm animal that you think you already know. But think again… This is the magical account of the life and times of a gang of Saddleback pigs, from one of the most forward-thinking organic farmers in the United Kingdom.Helen Browning shines a light on the secret lives of these mischievous, intelligent, and inventive animals – and shares her vision for the future of ethical farming.If you liked The Secret Life of Cows and A Shepherd’s Life, you’ll love this evocative and illuminating tale…What people are saying about Helen:’A woman who won’t be cowed in the war against titan farms’ – Independent’Pioneering’ – Guardian

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