Pie for Breakfast: Simple Baking Recipes for Kids

Cynthia Cliff

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Prestel

Published: 6th Apr '21


A whimsical baking book with a powerful message about family, diversity, and helping others.

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When Hazel and her father bake together, her mother says they make the whole house smell like a fancy bakery. And when they bake in the morning, it’s absolutely okay to sample the goods- even if it’s for breakfast. One day Hazel decides to organize a bake sale for her school, encouraging her friends to contribute to the effort. The results take readers all over the world-from strawberry mochi and pumpkin empanadas to Indian-spiced shortbread and Egyptian basbousa cake. Best of all, each of these treat-along with muffins, carrot cake, scones, and vegan and gluten free items-comes with its own easy-to-follow recipe. The author of a popular blog with the same name, Cynthia Cliff knows how to make recipes look as good as they taste. Her charming illustrations combine the simplicity of folk art with a sophisticated flair. And her down-to-earth instructions accommodate all sorts of substitutions and skill levels. The perfect gateway book to a lifetime of satisfying and healthy baking, Pie for Breakfast will also introduce families to new flavours and treats, opening their palates and their eyes to the delicious ways that baking can bring us together.

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