Philausophy: A very Australian way of thinking about living


Format: Hardback

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd

Published: 7th Jan '21


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Australia is unlike any other place on Earth. And it’s not just the quokkas. It’s the people. Philausophy is a fascinating exploration into the uniquely Australian way of thinking about life, friendship and adventure, looking at all the big important questions (like why surfing, fishing, eating and sleeping might just be the best way to spend a day).Written by some of Australia’s most respected artists, chefs, conservationists and entrepreneurs, Philausophy takes you into the laid-back, irreverent and adventurous way of life Down Under.From how to achieve life-life balance to recognising that friendships start when complete strangers say hello, Philausophy uncovers an approach to life that is more relevant than ever before in this topsy-turvy, disconnected world.One thing’s for sure – in one of the furthest corners of the globe, Australians have always done things a little differently. We have a different way of thinking about living.

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