Peter Arnell: Portfolio 1980-2020

Frank Gehry, Liyuan Tong, Michel Marriott, Peter Arnell, Peter Lindbergh, Studio Peter Arnell, Tristan Thom

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Published: 16th Jun '22


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Throughout his forty-plus-year career, Peter Arnell has built an unparalleled reputation creating groundbreaking, boundary-averse work for many of the world’s most well-known brands. His unique interdisciplinary approach to brand building unites graphic design, industrial design, automotive design, architecture, photography, filmmaking and more to produce holistic solutions that drive enduring brand value creation. A prolific photographer, Arnell’s work has appeared commercially for numerous fashion and lifestyle brands, and his fine art photography has been included in group and solo exhibitions around the world. Arnell’s work has been described as “revolutionary, brash and brilliant” by Vogue and “powerful, exceptional, and propelling” by Andre Leon Talley. i-D Magazine calls him “a guru and a genius” while Newsweek has declared him “one of the great brand impresarios of our age.” Martha Stewart lauds “few of us do as much in a lifetime as Peter can do in a decade,” and Advertising Age has proclaimed that “Arnell can help us build the next generation.” In 2002, Arnell was named one of the 1,000 most creative individuals in America on Richard Saul Wurman’s annual Who’s Really Who list. He has held posts as Chief Innovation Officer at both Chrysler and Home Depot, and has served on the board of the Special Olympics for over a decade. This beautifully conceptualized, lavishly illustrated two-volume publication highlights over four decades of tireless innovation and provides rich insight into a great creative mind and an exceptionally diverse body of work. Included are signature projects for Samsung, Chanel, Gucci, DKNY, Pepsi, Reebok, Chrysler, Nespresso, and the Special Olympics, as well as numerous collaborations with figures like Helmut Newton, Duane Michaels, Peter Lindbergh, Denis Piel, Lance Wyman, Paul Rand, Frank Gehry, David Hockney, Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Buzz Aldrin, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Lorne Michaels, Steven Spielberg, and Jay-Z to name a few. Also featured are texts by architect Frank Gehry, photographer Peter Lindbergh, and New York Times journalist Michel Marriott.

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