Oxford Junior Dictionary

Oxford Dictionaries

Format: Mixed media product

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: 03-05-2012


The Oxford Junior Dictionary is ideal for the KS2 curriculum, with carefully levelled words and phrases, word classes, age-appropriate example sentences, and extra language help with grammar, punctuation, word families, and word origins. It is easy to use with its clear layout, and the full alphabet with tabs on every page.

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The Oxford Junior Dictionary is no longer available, but we have some great alternatives for children aged 7+ and for Key Stage 2 support. All of our dictionaries for children are developed using a rigorous research programme and informed by the evolving language children use today. We think you might like: Oxford Primary Illustrated Dictionary (9780192768452) A colourful new dictionary with new and up-to-date curriculum content, lively illustrations and photographs to keep children engaged, word facts and origins to help children discover new words and meanings, and a supplement for spelling, grammar and punctuation support. Oxford Primary Dictionary (9780192767165) A major new edition of our bestselling dictionary for primary children with more varied vocabulary from a range of different areas, word origins and spelling alerts to instill language rules where needed, and a spelling and grammar support section to build skills in line with the curriculum. A fresh new look for the Oxford Junior Dictionary which features thousands of words and phrases in alphabetical order, in a clear and accessible design. Each entry contains simple, easy-to-read numbered meanings, word classes, and age-appropriate example sentences. These are taken from well-known children’s authors, such as Dick King-Smith, Jacqueline Wilson, and Roald Dahl. They show the words actually in use to reinforce meaning, and inspire children to use language more effectively, making them more independent in their reading and writing. Tinted panels provide extra language information on overused words, words belonging to the same family, and key language topics (such as connectives or apostrophes). This is powered by the Oxford Children’s Corpus, a unique electronic database of millions of words of writing for children. Extra material carefully levelled for this age includes information on spelling success, punctuation, simple grammar, key overused words (with alternatives) as well as word origins, prefixes and suffixes. Navigation is easy with the guidewords, and the full alphabet on every page with a dark blue tab on the letter of the page. For additional word games, puzzles, and activities, go online to the www.oxforddictionaries.com/schools website.

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