Organised Time Technique, The: How to Get Your Life Running Like Clockwork

Gemma Bray

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Brown Book Group, Little

Published: 24-09-2020


The Organised Mum Method showed you how to master the housework to stop it taking over your life. This new book will show you how to take control of the rest of your day – and the rest of your life – and make sure you are spending your time on the things that are most important to you.

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The new life-changing technique from Gemma Bray – creator of The Organised Mum Method’Ingenious’ Daily MailDo you ever get to the end of the day and feel like you’ve achieved nothing? Do you find it difficult to decide how to spend the small amount of free time you have? Do you ever wonder how some people seem to be able to fit everything in? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to squeeze into your day, unproductive or stuck in a daily routine that isn’t making you happy, The Organised Time Technique is for you. This is Gemma Bray’s unique method for organising your day that will stop you from trying to do everything (and feeling like a failure when you can’t), keep you focused on how you use the time you have available, help you play to your strengths and, most importantly, help you find time for the things that really matter. The Organised Time Technique provides the tools – and the headspace – you need to create a framework for your life that means you will always know where you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to be doing and when you are supposed to be doing it. By following the plan, you will not only get everything done, but also create space for the things that you really want to do, whether that’s taking up a new hobby, reading a book, starting a side business or simply having a long, relaxing bath!Just as The Organised Mum Method helped you to feel on top of the housework, The Organised Time Technique will revolutionise the way you spend your day. In no time at all, you will go from feeling flustered to feeling fabulous.Are you ready?

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