Once in a House on Fire

Andrea Ashworth, Eimear McBride (WYLIE)

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Published: 01-01-2015


A ground-breaking memoir

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With an introduction by Eimear McBrideA devastatingly powerful, moving and uplifting memoir – now a classic of its genre – that inspired others to tell their own true life stories.When our stepfather staggered home reeking of whisky, ceramic hit the wall. We got used to the smash and the next-day stain, but eventually the wallpaper began to fade . . .For Andrea Ashworth, home is not a place of comfort and solace, but of violence and fear. Her father died when she was five, leaving her close-knit, loving family to battle with poverty, abuse and the long shadow of depression. But from the ashes of 1970s Manchester and the hardships of her coming-of-age in the late 1980s, Andrea finds the courage to rise . . . Written with eye-opening honesty, rare beauty and intense power, Once in a House on Fire is a ground-breaking memoir, endearing in its humour and compassion, and life-affirming in its portrait of terrible circumstances triumphantly overcome.

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