OK, Boomer: Using a Landline, Going to the Post Office, and Other Outdated Things You Don’t Need Anymore

Tiller Press

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Published: 24-12-2020


Based on the popular meme, a book of classic, hilarious “OK, Boomer” clapbacks and takedowns, perfect for the Baby Boomers we all know and love.

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Going to the bank. Leaving voicemails. Using encyclopedias. Wallpapering bathrooms. There are dozens of ridiculously antiquated items, activities, and phrases that Baby Boomers love-and don’t realize were outdated more than a decade ago. And for some reason, no matter how hard Millennials and Gen Zers try to bring Boomers into the 21st century, they still don’t seem to get it. They just can’t let go of eating meatloaf, going on cruises, or buying fuzzy toilet seat covers. So rather than try to explain something to the Baby Boomers in your life, it might be time to just say, “OK, Boomer.” Containing more than fifty of the most common, cliched, and cringe-worthy Boomer-isms, OK, Boomer is perfect for any exasperated Millennial or any Boomer willing to poke fun at themselves.

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