Neon the Ninja Activity Book for Children who Struggle with Sleep and Nightmares: A Therapeutic Story with Creative Activities for Children Aged 5-10

Dr Karen Treisman

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Published: 21-12-2018


Introducing Neon Ninja, this workbook gives children the tools they need to tackle their sleeping difficulties. With a fun story showing what Neon Ninja can do, loads of activities to help soothe a child’s worries, and advice for parents or professional, this workbook will help a child to outthink and outfight their nightmares.

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Neon the Nightmare-fighting Ninja has a very special job. He looks after anyone who finds the night time scary. Lots of us have nightmares, but Neon loves nothing more than using his special ninja powers to keep them far away. Combining a fun story to show children how Neon Ninja can fight their nightmares with therapeutic activities to make night times feel more relaxed, this workbook contains advice for parents, carers and professionals. Based on creative and CBT techniques, it is full of tried and tested creative exercises, tips and techniques to aid alleviating sleeping difficulties. Giving the child all of the tools they need to tackle this issue, this is a must-have for those working with children aged 5-10 who experience nightmares or other sleep-related problems.

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