Nature. Aesthetics. Design.

Ina Sperl, J. Becker, Jurgen Becker, Michel Majerus Estate, P. Perdereau, Peter Berg

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Prestel

Published: 4th Mar '21


Garden design that is innovative, sustainable and close to nature.

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A good eye and well-trained senses are essential requirements for aesthetic garden design. Peter Berg’s philosophy takes a very special approach: he expects his gardens to be both sustainable and natural – which the use of natural stone, in particular, is intended to ensure. They should be reduced to just a few materials, and along with the color scheme, radiate a pleasant inner calmness. Each garden should also meet the individual needs of its owners. His concept has resulted in gardens that are unique and whose fascination lies in the clarity of their design. This splendid volume presents the most beautiful of them for the first time.

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