Mysteries Uncovered: True Stories of the Paranormal and Unexplained

Emily G. Thompson

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Published: 06-08-2020


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The mysterious is all around us…UFOs, extraterrestrial encounters, baffling disappearances-Mysteries Uncovered investigates, without prejudice, some of the most notorious, disturbing and enduring mysteries ever recorded.- UFO activity: the Roswell Incident, the Phoenix Lights, the Rendlesham Incident…- Alien abduction: the Barney and Betty Hill case…- Uncanny events: the missing crew of the Marie Celeste, the lost colony of Roanoke, the fate of Amelia Earhart…- Notorious disappearances: the cases of Lord Lucan and “D.B. Cooper”… For every instance rationalized away, there is another that defies explanation…

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