Mrs Jeffries Weeds the Plot

Emily Brightwell

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Brown Book Group, Little

Published: 04-10-2018


A charming series of Victorian murder mysteries featuring mild-mannered Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard and, more importantly, Mrs Jeffries, his housekeeper.

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Eccentric Annabeth Gentry pretty much keeps to herself. Besides her recent inheritance – and the attention her bloodhound gets for digging up the body of a murdered thief – her life is in fact, rather dull. So why does she think that someone is trying to kill her? That’s what Mrs. Jeffries and her staff have to find out. What they discover is a dead body next door, and three attempts on Annabeth’s life. It sounds like there’s a jealous dog in their midst. Mrs. Jeffries will have to sniff out some clues before the plot thickens . . .Praise for the Mrs Jeffries Mysteries:’It’s murder most English all the way!’ The Literary Times ‘Fascinating murder mystery . . . wit and style . . . a winning series. Mrs. Jeffries is the Miss Marple of Victorian Mystery’ The Paperback Forum

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