Mother of the Bront s, The: When Maria Met Patrick

Sharon Wright

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd

Published: 25-07-2019


This is the first biography of Maria Branwell, which reveals a remarkable woman who has spent 200 years in the shadow of her extraordinary children, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bront .

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**At long last, the untold story of the mysterious Mrs Bront .** They were from different lands, different classes, different worlds almost. The chances of Cornish gentlewoman Maria Branwell even meeting the poor Irish curate Patrick Bront in Regency England, let alone falling passionately in love, were remote. Yet Maria and Patrick did meet, making a life together as devoted lovers and doting parents in the heartland of the industrial revolution. An unlikely romance and novel wedding were soon followed by the birth of six children. They included Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bront , the most gifted literary siblings the world has ever known. Her children inherited her intelligence and wit and wrote masterpieces such as _Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre_ and _The Tenant of Wildfell Hall_. Yet Maria has remained an enigma while the fame of her family spread across the world. It is time to bring her out of the shadows, along with her overlooked contribution to the Bront genius. Untimely death stalked Maria as it was to stalk all her children. But first there was her fascinating life’s story, told here for the first time by Sharon Wright.

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