Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was

Sjon, Victoria Cribb

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 9th Feb '17


The mesmerising new novel by Iceland’s internationally renowned writer Sjon – ‘the trickster that makes the world, and he is achingly brilliant’ Junot Diaz, ‘an extraordinary and original writer’ A.S. Byatt.

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Reykjavik, 1918. The eruptions of the Katla volcano darken the sky night and day. Yet despite the natural disaster, the shortage of coal and the Great War still raging in the outside world, life in the small capital goes on as always. Sixteen-year-old Mani Steinn lives for the movies. Awake, he lives on the fringes of society. Asleep, he dreams in pictures, the threads of his own life weaving through the tapestry of the films he loves. When the Spanish flu epidemic comes ashore, killing hundreds of townspeople and forcing thousands to their sick beds, the shadows that linger at the edges of existence grow darker and Mani is forced to re-evaluate both the society around him and his role in it. Evoking the moment when Iceland’s saga culture met the new narrative form of the cinema and when the isolated island became swept up in global events, this is the story of a misfit transformed by his experiences in a world where life and death, reality and imagination, secrets and revelations jostle for dominance.

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