Mixed Race Experience, The: Reflections and revelations on multiracial identity

Naomi Evans, Natalie Evans

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Vintage Publishing

Due to be published: 14th Apr '22

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‘Natalie and Naomi are truly inspirational thought leaders.’ Sophie Williams, author of Anti-Racist Ally and Millennial BlackWhat are the challenges of living between different cultures or identifying with one and not the other?What are the challenges of being in a mixed race relationship and starting a family?How you do manage the stark reality of racism within your own family?Over 1.2 million British people identify as mixed race. 6% of children under the age of 5 are mixed race, a higher number than any other Black and ethnic minority group in the country. So, why is it so hard for mixed race people to navigate their identity?In The Mixed Race Experience, Naomi and Natalie Evans, founders of Everyday Racism, share their experiences of growing up mixed race in Britain, how they process, understand and learn about their identity and use their privilege to advocate for change, as well as addressing the privileges and complexities of being mixed race in Britain today.Weaving in interviews from people who are mixed race, in mixed race relationships or raising mixed race children, practical advice and research to dispel common myths and stereotypes, this book navigates topics such as:- Handling racism in your own family- Understanding colourism and light-skinned privilege- Navigating microaggressions and unlearning internalised racismThought-provoking, sensitive and challenging, The Mixed Race Experience is a deeply moving look at identity and belonging.

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