Miraculous Life of Maggie the Wunderdog, The: The true story of a little street dog who learned to love again

Jordan Paramor, Kasey Carlin

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Mirror Books

Published: 04-06-2020


Instagram sensation Maggie the dog is a walking miracle. But her warm, playful nature masks a traumatic past. Maggie was shot 17 times and subjected to cruelty and torture, before being rescued from Lebanon and brought to live in the UK by a determined and loving young woman called Kasey. This is the incredible story of their journey together.

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‘If ever a dog’s story is guaranteed to touch hearts, then Maggie’s is.’ Your Dog Magazine’This story will leave you smiling.’ Best MagazineBeaten, tortured and shot 17 times, Maggie the little street dog should have given up on the world.But the world didn’t give up on her.With the help of her human friends, Maggie begins her long road to recovery and starts to spread joy everywhere she goes.This is the inspirational true story of a little dog who learned to be loved just as she is.

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