Minority Studies (OIP)

Rowena Robinson, Sujata Patel

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: 09-04-2020


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This volume explores the issue of minorities in India and how they are identified, defined, and categorized by legal and institutional processes. It examines how modern law creates and conditions minority identity and also how groups manipulate the ground-level situation to project a certain identity at a particular point of time. When more than one category applies to a group, and such categorizations become the basis for the struggle for rights, the politics of identity become even more complex. The volume specifically focuses on ‘religious’ minorities, questioning the religious identification of groups and showing that the construction of minority groups in religious terms is difficult to achieve given the existence of several, and sometimes contradictory, loyalties and identities. The essays address the minority issue by engaging with different minority communities in India. These also question the relationship of minority identities to caste, gender, and tribal identity. This is the new paperback edition.

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