Midnight Hunt, The

Benjamin Read, Laura Trinder

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

Published: 2nd Sep '21


Emily and Tarkus are back again in one last adventure to save the Midnight Hour. Their old adversary the Nocturne is determined to destroy their beloved magical world and everyone in it. Emily might just have a plan, but she’s going to need everyone’s help …

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The third and final adventure in Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder’s magical Midnight Hour series! ‘A fantastic magical adventure featuring a cast of Ghibli-esque characters, a feisty heroine and a hedgehog. I loved it.’ M.G. LEONARD, author of BEETLE BOY on book 1 ‘Fans of Nevermoor will love this’ THE BOOKSELLER on book 1 ‘I haven’t enjoyed this kind of caper so much since Harry Potter’ NEW STATESMAN on book 1 ‘Pure delight’ THE GUARDIAN ON BOOK 1 Emily is locked out of the Midnight Hour, and things have grown dangerously dark in Victorian London. Her friends and family are on the run from the terrifying Midnight Hunt, while the foul Make Britain Dark Again party schemes to break the spell that keeps both worlds safe. It’s going to take more than just Emily’s big mouth to fix this one. But how’s a girl meant to save the day (and night) when she’s all out of snacks and her possibly-magic pocket hedgehog is hibernating? The ingeniously-plotted finale to the much-loved Midnight Hour trilogy, which began with The Midnight Hour and The Midnight Howl A hilarious, spooky adventure full of genuine scares and belly laughs! Coraline meets A Wrinkle in Time: all the makings of a modern classic

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