Michael Moorcock Library: The Chronicles of Corum: The Bull and the Spear, The

Jill Thompson, Mark Shainlbum

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd

Published: 30th Jun '20


Michael Moorcock’s epic fantasy concludes!

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Michael Moorcock’s epic fantasy concludes! Having outlived his one true love, Rhalina, Corum of the Scartlet Robe has spent decades living alone in the Castle Erorn dwelling in isolation, grief and sorrow. Over time, his legend has grown, as stories of his victories grew ever more embellished with each telling until people began building shrines to him and praying to him as they had prayed to their old gods, gods that Corum had helped them defeat in the first place. When Corum’s dreams are disturbed by strange voices he at first ignores them, until an old friend, Jhary-a-Conel (Companion to the Champion) arrives to chivvy Corum out of his fugg and convinces him to take the voices seriously. Corum discovers that the voices are being sent from the future by the descendants of Rhalina’s own people who are being terrorised by seven terrible gods, the Fhoi Myore, who are on the brink of destroying the Mabden race for good. Corum swears to defend the Mabden and sets out on a new quest to seek out the Black Bull of Crinanass the only weapon capable of destroying the Fhoi Myore. Along the way he encounters strange beings and overcomes difficult trials and is forced to confront a prophecy that warns Corum should fear a harp, a brother and a beauty.

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