Mermaid Handbook, The: A Guide to the Mermaid Way of Life, Including Recipes, Folklore, and More

Briana Corr Scott, Taylor Widrig

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Nimbus Publishing Ltd

Published: 15th Oct '20


A compendium of all things mermaid, including healthy sea vegetable recipes, mermaid folklore, and more, accented with original illustrations of mermaids from around the world.

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The book mermaids-in-training have been waiting for! From history and folklore to recipes and tips for ocean preservation, as well as profiles and original illustrations of mer-maidens from around the world, The Mermaid’s Handbook features everything you need to know to follow the mermaid way of life. Over 40 healthy and accessible recipes like Mermaid Kaiso Seaweed Salad and Creamy Wakame Casserole, as well as healthy snacks like Smoothie Bowls and Energy Bites, and even homemade beauty products, such as the Coconut Sea Hair Mask-for that salty sea-hair.

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