Claire Chambers, Nafhesa Ali, Richard Phillips

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: HopeRoad Publishing Ltd

Published: 27-08-2020


A collection of diverse stories about love and desire by South Asian-heritage British Muslim women writers, including Ayisha Malik and Shelina Janmohamed. Reflections on migration, racism and arranged marriage.

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Outsiders often expect Muslim women to be timid, conservative, or submissive, the reality is different. While some of these authors express a quiet piety and explore poignant situations, others use black humour and biting satire, or play with possibilities. Still others shade into the territory of a Muslim Fifty Shades of Grey, creating grey areas where the mainstream media sees only black and white. The stories also reflect on gender differences, lesbian desire,and many other subjects.

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Dimensions 129 × 198 mm
Page Count 284