Marxist-Feminist Theories and Struggles Today: Essential writings on Intersectionality, Labour and Ecofeminism

Diana Mulinari, Khayaat Fakier, Nora Rathzel

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published: 15-02-2020


Essential new analysis of capitalism as a gendered, racialized social formation that shapes, and is shaped by, specific nature-labour relationships, with perspectives from the global North and South.

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This vital new collection presents new Marxist-Feminist analyses of Capitalism as a gendered, racialized social formation that shapes and is shaped by specific nature-labour relationships. Leaving behind former overtly structuralist thinking, Marxist-Feminist Theories and Struggles Today interweaves strands of ecofeminism and intersectional analyses to develop an understanding of the relations of production and the production of nature through the interdependencies of gender, class, race and colonial relations.With contributions and analyses from scholars and theorists in both the global North and South, this volume offers a truly international lens that reveals the the vitality of contemporary global Marxist-Feminist thinking, as well as its continued relevance to feminist struggles across the globe.

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Dimensions 153 × 234 mm
Page Count 384