Luminous Republic, A

Andres Barba, Lisa Dillman

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Granta Books

Published: 6th Aug '20


Lord of the Flies meets Javier Marias, a dark and glinty literary gem with huge potential.

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One day, the children begin to show up in the subtropical town of San Cristobal. Aged between nine and thirteen, the children are covered in dirt and hungry. They beg food, commit small acts of vandalism, play games that don’t seem to have any rules, and communicate with each other in a strange language. No one knows where they come from or where they disappear to each night. And then, they rob a supermarket and stab two adults, bringing fear to the town. Thus begins a fearsome and thrilling modern morality tale that retraces the lines between good and evil, the civilised and the wild, and drags our assumptions about childhood and innocence out into the light.

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