Losing a Parent: Coming Through a Special Loss

Fiona Marshall

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: John Murray Press

Published: 20-08-2020


A warm and supportive guide to coping with the death of a parent, which will help you to find new strength in the process of grief.

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The death of a parent brings a special kind of grief. When a parent dies, we lose a unique connection with our roots, our past, our identity and our childhood – and we are forced to confront our own mortality. Often the practicalities of bereavement take over, leaving us unable to focus on the complex realities of this loss, or platitudes and easy answers are proferred, distracting us from the grieving process. The work of grief, in fact, can take years and may change our view of life profoundly.Losing a Parent looks at how we may find meaning in what has happened. It covers both terminal illness and sudden death, helps you to navigate feelings of abandonment, and to understand the new family dynamics after loss. It will show you how, where and when to seek further support and offer you the reassurance you need to actually get on with your life after this difficult and painful time.

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