Living Dead, The: A masterpiece of zombie horror

Daniel Kraus, George A. Romero

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd

Published: 06-08-2020


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A work of horror genius from the Godfather of zombie film-making, George A. Romero, and celebrated writer Daniel Kraus . . .It begins with one body. A pair of medical examiners find themselves facing a dead man who won’t stay dead. It spreads quickly. In a Midwestern trailer park, an African American teenage girl and a Muslim immigrant battle newly-risen friends and family.On a US aircraft carrier, living sailors hide from dead ones while a fanatic preaches the gospel of a new religion of death. At a cable news station, a surviving anchor keeps broadcasting, not knowing if anyone is watching, while his undead colleagues try to devour him.In DC, an autistic federal employee charts the outbreak, preserving data for a future that may never come.Everywhere, people are targeted by both the living and the dead.We think we know how this story ends. We. Are. Wrong.’A horror landmark, a work of gory genius.’ JOE HILL, author of NOS4A2’A monumental achievement.’ ADAM NEVILL, author of The Ritual’Like a lost Romero classic.’ CLIVE BARKER, author of Hellraiser’A sprawling, timely, scary epic.’ PAUL TREMBLAY, author of The Cabin at the End of the World

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