Life in Colour: How Animals See the World

Dr. Martin Stevens

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Ebury Publishing

Due to be published: 8th Apr '21

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Beauty is more than skin deep. ‘The natural world is awash with colour, but we are only seeing half the story. If we could see things as animals do, our world would become unimaginably brighter. Now, thanks to new science and technology, we can at last open our eyes.’ – Sir David Attenborough In nature, colour is more than a source of beauty; it’s a form of vital communication. Depending on the situation, colour says different things – it can be an expression of power or seduction, warning or deceit – and it can even, occasionally, save your life. Accompanying a major new BBC series with David Attenborough, Life in Colour explores the fascinating story of how colour works in the natural world. From the ‘trichromatic’ vision of Silver Leaf Langurs, which allows them to see orange and red against forest foliage – the colours not only of ripe fruit, but of their young – to African Mandrills who use their colouration to do battle, Professor Martin Stevens reveals a complex system of messaging visible only to those who know the code. Based on the latest scientific research in the field, and illustrated with stunning photography throughout, Life in Colour reveals a world previously unknown to us.

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Dimensions 159 × 240 mm
Page Count 320