Let’s talk about your new family’s sleep

Lyndsey Hookway

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Pinter & Martin Ltd.

Published: 08-10-2020


Everyone’s sleep is important in your family, let’s talk about it.

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Many parents worry about their child’s sleep, and parents of new babies are often exhausted – but there is hope. This realistic, reassuring, and refreshing guide to sleep looks at sleep for both parents and children, and aims to empower and encourage parents to feel calm, confident and compassionate in their parenting. It strikes a balance between prioritising infant and child mental health and attachment, and being compassionate about the reality of raising a family in today’s society, with social support and understanding often in short supply. With practical and easily implementable ideas, and clear explanation of the many myths surrounding infant and baby sleep, this gentle and holistic guide is sure to allay many parents’ fears and help everyone in the family get the rest they need.

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