It’s All a Game: A Short History of Board Games

Tristan Donovan

Format: Hardback, Paperback / softback

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Published: 1st Nov '18


From board game cafes to puzzle books, we need diversion more than ever. This cheeky but nostalgic look at the history of board games is the perfect Christmas gift.

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Board games have been with us longer than even the written word. But what is it about this pastime that continues to captivate us well into the age of smartphones and instant gratification?In It’s All a Game renowned games expert Tristan Donovan opens the box on the incredible and often surprising history and psychology of board games. He traces the evolution of the game across cultures, time periods, and continents, from the paranoid Chicago toy genius behind classics like Operation and Mouse Trap, to the role of Monopoly in helping prisoners of war escape the Nazis, and even the scientific use of board games today to teach artificial intelligence how to reason and how to win. With these compelling stories and characters, Donovan ultimately reveals why board games have captured hearts and minds all over the world for generations.

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