Deborah Bragan-Turner, Hakan Nesser, Paul Norlen

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Published: 4th Apr '19


Adapted for a trilogy of films, Intrigo is a collection of novellas and short stories from the master of Nordic Noir, Hakan Nesser.

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A gripping collection of Hakan Nesser’s best novellas and short stories, Intrigo is now the basis for three major motion pictures. Set in the fictional city of Maardam, Intrigo’s five stories are linked by themes of secrets coming to light, lies being exposed, and pasts coming back to haunt the people who thought they had escaped them. All told in his signature style of dark, precise prose that shows a sharp understanding of human nature, Intrigo is the perfect introduction to Hakan Nesser, the Godfather of Swedish crime. This collection is the basis for a trilogy of international films – Dear Agnes, Death of an Author and Samaria – directed by Daniel Alfredson and starring Ben Kingsley and Gemma Chan.

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