Interstate: Hitch Hiking Through the State of a Nation

Julian Sayarer

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Arcadia Books

Published: 23-09-2016


Documenting Sayarer’s real life journey hitchhiking across the US, this fascinating memoir tells the story of the forgotten people lost in their own country, grappling to find a voice in the vast political landscape of the US.

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Recruited to work on a big documentary project, Julian goes to New York convinced he has hit big time at last. Finding the project cancelled he wanders the city streets and hitchhiking to San Francisco slowly starts to seem like the most sensible option for his career as a travel writer.The story finds an unseen America in rough shape; Julian meets a place of Interstates, forgotten towns and food deserts, always grappling with the scale and energy of the US. Julian tells a tale of Steinbeck, Kerouac and the vast, thundering indifference of American geography and culture at the start of a new century.

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