Ikaria: Food and life in the blue zone

Meni Valle

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Published: 20-08-2020


A collection of recipes and stories from the Greek island famed for the longevity of its inhabitants

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Ikaria is a collection of traditional recipes from the Greek Island of Ikaria, famed for the longevity of its inhabitants. In the northern Aegean Sea lies Ikaria, where blue waters lap against a mountainous coastline and rocky trails lead to quaint villages, and where the locals seem to hold a secret. The island is known worldwide for its incredibly high life expectancies and low rates of chronic disease, much of which can be attributed to diet. Born to Greek parents, author Meni Valle has always been fascinated by her family’s traditions of cooking and eating. In Ikaria, Meni collects traditional recipes from across the island that encapsulate the best of Mediterranean food: vegetables, beans, whole grains, small amounts of meat and fish, a couple of glasses of wine, and plenty of olive oil. But she also tells the stories that make up Ikaria, where life is all about taking time: time to cook, to eat, to nap, to spend with family and friends, to enjoy and to appreciate. With intimate glimpses of the island’s festivals, markets, kitchens and people, Ikaria is a cookbook that will transport and transform you.

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