Hybrid Humans: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Man and Machine

Harry Parker

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd

Published: 17th Feb '22


Our ever-increasing intimacy with technology is changing our bodies and our brains. What can those at the frontiers tell us about what it means to be in a body now?

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As heard on BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week An eye-opening account of how robotics, computing and AI are altering our understanding of what it means to be human – from the bestselling author of Anatomy of a Soldier “I loved Hybrid Humans. It is modest, wise … and a way of looking at the future without nostalgia for the past” – Jeanette Winterson Harry Parker’s life changed overnight when he lost his legs to an IED in Afghanistan. His rehabilitation took him into an often surprising landscape of a very human kind of hacking, and he wondered – are all humans becoming hybrids? Whether it’s putting on contact lenses every day or DIY biohackers tinkering in garages, Parker introduces us to the exhilarating breadth of human invention – and intervention. Grappling with his own new identity and disability, he discovers the latest robotics, tech and implants that might lead us to powerful, liberating possibilities for what a body can be. “This may be a tour of the scientific avant garde, but the focus is always on the human heart and mind” – Observer, Book of the Day “Harry Parker has explored the cutting edge of interaction between humanity, computing and AI … a captivating and cautionary travel guide to a new world” – Gavin Francis, author of Adventures in Human Being

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