How to Be Vegan in 28 Days: Easy recipes for a healthier life

Laila Madsoe

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

Published: 31-12-2020


Learn how to cook and eat vegan in 28 days – not by making extensive changes to your lifestyle but by practicing one simple and achievable task each day of the month.

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This easy to follow guide-book shows you how to eat and cook vegan in 28 days – not by making extensive changes, but by simply doing one thing slightly differently every day, from dusting off the beans and long-forgotten tinned tomatoes at the back of your kitchen cupboard, to figuring out how to cook celeriac, to learning how to invigorate week-old vegetables, and to navigating dinner invitations when you’re trying to eat more plant-based but still want to have a good time.Enjoy 40 simple and practical recipes for healthy, wholesome vegan food, as well as uncovering the vegan secret weapons – dressing, dips, purees and vinaigrettes – that lift every meal to another level. This book contains the perfect number of recipes to get you through your meatless month, making it easy to navigate and to find new everyday favourites.How to Be Vegan in 28 Days is part-cookbook, part-veggie-guide book that will help you achieve a vegan lifestyle, and get into the best shape of your life.

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