Hope to Survive (Hope Stapleford Adventure 2): An exhilarating suspense-filled spy adventure

Caroline Dunford

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group, Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 18th Feb '21


Following the success of Caroline Dunford’s engaging Euphemia Martins mysteries, comes a new historical crime series featuring Euphemia’s wise and witty daughter, Hope Stapleford. With war declared and fearing for her life, Hope is on a secret mission to save her country…

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The second Hope Stapleford adventure is an exciting spy thriller in which secret agent Hope embarks on a dangerous mission to save her country…It is 1939 – war has been declared and spymaster Fitzroy wastes no time in preparing his goddaughter, Hope, for a secret mission. As Euphemia Martins’ daughter, Hope has the potential to be one of British Intelligence’s greatest agents, but when she is ousted from an all-male think tank and relegated to the typing pool, even she starts to doubt herself. Meanwhile, Hope’s rebellious friend, Bernie, announces her engagement to a man Hope does not trust; Harvey, Hope’s only asset, has vanished; and, most awful of all, Hope fears that her father is dying. Then comes Dunkirk and the threat of invasion intensifies. To her surprise, Hope is sent to a secret base, where she joins a group of auxiliary units that are expected to fight to the death should invasion occur. Fearing for her life, she must confront Nazi sympathizers among the country’s elite secret service before she can learn who to trust…

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Page Count 368