Honey & Spice: the heart-melting Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick

Bolu Babalola

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

Published: 5th Jul '22


Honey & Spice is the debut novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Love in Colour, Bolu Babalola. Written with her biting wit and trademark humour, this is the romantic comedy you don’t want to miss.

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A REESE’S BOOK CLUB PICKFROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR, BOLU BABALOLA COMES THE ROMANCE WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.’A triumph of a novel.’ BETH O’LEARY ‘Honey & Spice is romantic, sexy, fun, delicious and important. I could not have loved it more.’ MARIAN KEYES’Hilarious, hot and heartfelt.’ MEG CABOT ‘Kiki compares her feelings for Malakai as like swallowing a star. That’s a bit how I felt after reading this messy but joyful book.’ THE TIMESRecommended by New York Times – Entertainment Weekly – Elle – Esquire – Harper’s Bazaar – Sunday Times Culture – Stylist – Bustle – Buzzfeed – Zoella – Time – Goodreads and more!__________Kiki Banjo is an expert in relationship-evasion. In fact, she has made it her mission to protect the women of Whitewell University from the dangers of players and heartbreak, supplying advice, tips and essentials to paying men no mind on her student radio show, Brown Sugar.And then Kiki meets distressingly handsome newcomer Malakai Korede, who threatens to tear apart the community of women she’s fought so hard to protect. Kiki publicly declares Malakai the ‘Wasteman of Whitewell’ on Brown Sugar and brings a stop to her girls chasing his attentions. But when she and Malakai suddenly find themselves shackled into a fake relationship to salvage their respective reputations and save their academic futures, she is in danger of falling for the very wasteman she warned her sisters about.With her heart compromised and defences weakened, Kiki has to learn to open herself up to the perils of love… and face up to a past that forced her to close down in the first place.A funny and sparkling debut, Honey & Spice is full of delicious tension and romantic intrigue that will make you weak at the knees.__________Why readers LOVE Honey & Spice’This book breathes new life into the genre with its vibrant characters and sexy, authentic voice.’ RED ‘Smart, sexy and energetic. I’m excited for everyone to read this book.’ EMMA GANNON’Romance will never be dead, as long as Bolu is writing it.’ JESSIE BURTON’Everything you could ever want from a romance and more – the vibes are simply immaculate.’ ZOELLA’Equal parts sweet and hot.’ THE INDEPENDENT’A sizzling, addictive story.’ HARPER’S BAZAAR’Packed with will-they, won’t-they sexual tension, it’s the hot summer read you need.’ THE SUN’A refreshing portrait of what modern love really looks and feels like.’ TIME’A vibrant debut novel . . . Babalola is incisively funny, capturing the kick and sweetness of her title with her words.’ ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’Babalola’s writing shines whether she’s writing parry-riposte banter or fresh, evocative interiority.’ NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW’A fast-paced commercial novel with a refreshing take on a well-worn concept. Someone should adapt it for the screen.’ SUNDAY TIMES CULTURE’Babalola’s hilarious romance debut will have you laughing out loud and reconsidering first impressions.’ BUZZFEED

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