Habit of Excellence, The: Why British Army Leadership Works

Lt Col Langley Sharp

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 15-07-2021



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The Habit of Excellence is a unique insight into British Army leadership, explaining what makes it unique, what makes it so effective, and what civilians can take from it to become better leaders themselves.Developed in some of the most demanding situations imaginable over centuries of war and peace, Army leadership is a sophisticated endeavour that has kept pace with societal change and the challenges of the modern world. In the military, the stakes couldn’t be higher, and exceptional leadership is crucial every day.Drawing on the latest research in military history, sociology, psychology and behavioural science and with compelling illustration from British Army operations across the centuries, Lieutenant Colonel Langley Sharp MBE goes beyond the latest leadership fads to distil into one peerlessly authoritative work the essence of leading and leadership from one of the world’s most revered institutions. It is essential reading for leaders and followers no matter what organisation they work for – it is essential reading for the world today.

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Dimensions 156 × 240 mm
Page Count 320