Great Adaptations: In the shadow of a climate crisis

Morgan Phillips

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Arkbound

Published: 14th Sep '21


A series of case studies that look at how people can adapt to climate change.

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Climate change adaptation. A hope-fuelled necessity on the road to a transformed world? Or the last act of the doom-merchant who has given up? There are great ways to adapt to the climate crisis that confronts us, but there are disastrous ways too. In this book, Morgan Phillips takes us from the air-conditioned pavements of Doha and the ‘cool rooms’ of Paris, to the fog catchers of Morocco and the agro-foresters of Nepal. He makes an often-neglected topic engaging and relatable at precisely the moment the climate movement is waking up to it. A just transition is at stake. Great Adaptations is a provocation, an invitation, and an urgent call to action. If we don’t shape what adaptation is, someone else will. ‘My earnest hope is that this book will be a turning of the tide; and that, with the silence broken, the world can finally begin the painful process of awakening properly to climate reality… including to the reality of how we must now adapt transformatively, if we are to have any chance of heading off eco-induced collapses.’ Prof. Rupert Read, University of East Anglia.

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