Granuaile: The Pirate Queen

John Burke, Kathi Burke

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Gill

Published: 19-10-2018


Granuaile was a historic icon, fearless leader and Ireland’s original rebel girl. The first in a new series of books for children, of inspirational Irish lives by Irelandopedia and Historopedia authors John and Fatti Burke

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Learn about Ireland’s original rebel girl in this exciting new series of inspirational Irish lives In an exciting new series of books for children, John and Fatti Burke go deeper into the lives and subjects first introduced in Irelandopedia, Historopedia and Focloiropedia. This first book focusses on Granuaile, the daughter of a great trader and sea captain, Eoghan O’Malley of Mayo. Living in a castle on Clare Island 500 years ago, Granuaile spent her childhood on the sea in boats of all shapes and sizes. Granuaile’s parents wanted her to do what other girls did, to be a good girl and get married and settle down. But Granuaile had other ideas… This superb illustrated book on this historic icon and fearless leader is a must to begin every child’s collection of inspiring Irish lives.

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