Anna Stephens

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Published: 08-03-2018


Fantasy’s most anticipated debut of the year

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Fantasy’s most anticipated debut of the year There was a time when the Red Gods ruled the land. The Dark Lady and her horde dealt in death and blood and fire. That time has long since passed and the neighbouring kingdoms of Mireces and Rilpor hold an uneasy truce. The only blood spilled is confined to the border where vigilantes known as Wolves protect their kin and territory at any cost. But after the death of his wife, King Rastoth is plagued by grief, leaving the kingdom of Rilpor vulnerable. Vulnerable to the blood-thirsty greed of the Warrior-King Liris and the Mireces army waiting in the mountains… GODBLIND is an incredible debut from a dazzling new voice of the genre.

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