Go Toxic Free: Easy and Sustainable Ways to Reduce Chemical Pollution

Anna Turns

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd

Published: 20th Jan '22


An inspiring and practical look at the invisible world of chemical pollutants, revealing the harmful products that lurk inside your home, the damage they can cause and helpful swaps and tips to avoid them wherever you can.

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‘Honest yet inspiring, Go Toxic Free empowers us to take positive action today.’ Lucy Siegle__________________________________________________________________________Practical everyday tips and ideas to help make ourselves and our planet a little less toxic.Plastic pollution is headline news. But plastics are only part of the story, and the invisible world of chemical pollutants – in the soil, the air, our water systems and our own bodies – is just as worrying. There’s been a huge rise in chemical-related health issues in recent years, and when we delve into what’s hiding in the clothes we wear, the food and water we consume, as well as the numerous household cleaners and cosmetics we use every day, it’s easy to see why. In this uplifting and practical book, environmental journalist Anna Turns makes this invisible world visible, looking at the wider issue of toxic chemicals – what they are, where they’re hidden and the extent of their environmental impact. Taking you on an in-depth tour of your house and garden, Go Toxic Free reveals the harmful substances that lurk inside your home, and shares essential swaps and tips to avoid them wherever you can.

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