Go Lean Vegan: The Revolutionary 30-day Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Feel Great

Christine Bailey

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 23rd Feb '17


Need to shift weight and feel full of energy? Award winning Nutritionist Christine Bailey shows you how with the effective 30-Day Vegan Diet Plan.

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A plant-based diet that can help you not only look great, but also lose weight!This revolutionary step-by-step 30-day diet plan will help you lose weight and start feeling better fast – while eating delicious, satisfying plant-based foods (and absolutely no calorie counting).Carefully developed by award-winning nutritionist and chef Christine Bailey, including nutritionally balanced, gluten-free and delicious recipes, this easy-to-follow, protein-rich vegan weight-loss programme will get the results you want and keep you healthy and energised.Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or seeking a new way of eating to boost energy, Go Lean Vegan will provide you with all the nutritional principles you need for a vibrant, healthy life.Including nutritionally balanced recipes such as the Coconut Quinoa Bowl with Berries, Grab & Go Protein Raw Protein Bars, Courgette Carbonara and Orange Chocolate Pots, the Go Lean Vegan diet plan will get you in shape quickly, boost your vitality and overall wellbeing without cutting out the foods you love.You’ll be astounded at how amazing you look and feel in just 30 days!

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