Girl With No Soul, The

Morgan Owen

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 3rd Mar '22


How do you find your soul mate when you don’t have a soul? Iris has a secret … she is a soulless hollow. But when she steals a ring from a lady of nobility, she is reunited with her Spark, the first part of her soul. Iris must enlist the help of Evander, a young scholar, to find out what happened to her.

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How can you find your soul mate, when you don’t have a soul? Iris lives in a world ruled by The Order. Inspectors police the population by keeping careful watch over people’s souls. If they shine their lanterns on you, your soul is projected for the world to see… and judge. But Iris has a deadly secret … she is a hollow, a person with no soul. She must hide from the Order at all costs, scraping a living in the shadows. When she’s sent to steal a ring said to hold the memory of a soul’s destruction, she is reunited with her Spark – one of the five parts that make up her own missing soul. Now she must rely on the help of a young scholar named Evander Mountebank to track down the other four missing pieces of her soul, all the while evading The Order. Will she be able to protect her heart as well as find her soul? The Girl with no Soul combines a fabulous concept, a swooning love story, and intoxicating world building in one glorious package. Perfect for fans of Alice Broadway and Leigh Bardugo Morgan Owen is a bright new talent in the YA world

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