Ginologist Cook, The: 150 Delicious Recipes with Gin

Ahe Jafta, Charlotte Letlape, Kundi Thai, Phillip Tlhako, Pieter Carter, Shane Heldsinger

Format: Hardback

Publisher: GB Publishing Org

Published: 07-03-2020


The Ginologist Distiller lives in his cleverly delicious world where flavours pop and amaze while five South African cooks master their signature dishes. The “Gintresting” Savoury Cheesecake will have lips smacking. The “Ginlicious” desserts and ice creams will have Tonic Water begging for mercy! The Ginologist Distiller meets The Ginologist Cook.

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150 signature starters, main courses and desserts featuring Gin; introducing “The Ginologist Cook”. Written, simmered, grilled, sliced and baked by South African clever food “maker-uppers” who mixed Gin with their food to achieve new flavours, textures and experiences to bring the world a book which gives Tonic Water a run for its money. The famous South African Rose Geranium infused in the Floral Gin becomes delightful and complex, a showpiece of this recipe collection, and has brought new flavour to cooking. Extracts from the flower – also known to have age defying qualities – are used in skin creams. Ginologist Gin was created in 2016 by South African Gin enthusiasts Matt Van Wyk and Richard Kolbe as a hobby. Ginologist Spice, Citrus and Floral Gins each won awards at the 2017 Michaelangelo Wine and Spirits Awards in South Africa. Pieter Carter, the Chief Distiller, is passionate about flavour and created the first recipe before the book was conceived; Floral Gin and Clotted Cream Ice Cream. The family and friends hobby has fast become a household brand distributed internationally. The Ginologist Distiller vows to always give the attention and love to every drop of Gin he creates no matter how many bottles. Realising the amazing flavours Gin can infuse into food The Ginologist Distiller is experimenting with Pantry Essentials to give the discerning home cook even more to get excited about; Gincentrates; tubes of yummy gin reductions. Photographed at the five star Hemmingway’s Restaurant & Wine Cellar in Pretoria, South Africa the book includes stunning photographs of the naturally landscaped exotic gardens and woodland. Whoever thought we would be creating dishes using Gin? This book contains recipes cooks can enjoy making for the family, dinner parties and on special occasions. There are starters to savour and divine desserts. Pumpkin Tart, Short Ribs, Savoury Cheesecake, Ice Cream, panacotta, Oysters and a Ginoholic Victoria Sponge! Meat, fish and vegetarian savoury dishes inspired by spicy Cape Malay cuisine from The Cape of South Africa are sitting next to sweet fruity desserts inspired by French Pastry Chefs. This eclectic mix of culinary creations demonstrates South Africa can win the world’s heart through its stomach. Gin and Tonic who? The Ginologist Distiller meets The Ginologist Cook, in 150 delicious recipes with Gin.

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