Ghost Town: A haunting tale of murder, secrets and superstitions

Darryl Sterk, Kevin Chen

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Europa Editions (UK) Ltd

Published: 25th Aug '22


WINNER OF THE TAIWAN LITERATURE AWARD A mesmerizing web of family secrets and countryside superstitions, the search for identity and clash of cultures.

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WINNER OF THE TAIWAN LITERATURE AWARD “A haunting drama of a Taiwanese family’s efforts to rise out of poverty.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Keith Chen, the desperately yearned for second son of a traditional Taiwanese family with five daughters, refuses to play the role his parochial parents would cast him in. Instead, he chooses to make a life for himself in cosmopolitan Berlin, where he finally finds acceptance as a young gay man. The novel is set about a decade later, on Ghost Festival, the Day of Deliverance. After Keith’s release from a maximum security prison, he has nowhere to go but home. With his parents gone, his siblings married, mad, on the lam, or dead, there is nothing left for him there, so it seems. As he explores his uncanny home town, we learn what tore his family apart, and, more importantly, the truth behind the terrible crime Keith committed in Germany. Told in a myriad of voices-both living and dead-and moving through time with deceptive ease, Ghost Town is a mesmerizing story of family secrets, countryside superstitions, and the search for identity amid a clash of cultures.

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Dimensions 135 × 210 mm
Page Count 384